Facebook videos offline

India is a country where mobile internet is not yet as widely available and as cheap as in Western countries, so using it to watch movies on Facebook is not an option. Head of the portal understands this well, so it starts testing in this country a new feature that allows you to download to your device via Wi-Fi instead of mobile internet.

Facebook has decided to go to the people of India and will allow them to download videos available on the portal when connected to Wi-Fi. The portal is just starting a new feature test to test its functionality. The new feature allows you to download the videos available on the site through the official Facebook application so that you can view them later.

Of course, Facebook has appropriately secured a new anti-piracy option, so downloaded videos can only be viewed in the portal application, and developers have the ability to disable the download option if they find that they do not.…

IBM technology will streamline freight forwarding

Last year, IBM introduced an innovative blockchain system for merchants. Its concept allows you to trace the way your products are kept so that the source of the problem can be found immediately in case of any irregularities.

The system has so far been used by 400 companies, including American Walmart, and now its use has also been decided by Maersk Line, the world’s largest maritime forwarder.

The company explains that every single container shipped from East Africa to Europe requires seals and signatures from more than 30 people. Once you reach the destination, you will need to do more than 200 different activities, and that means having to do a lot of paperwork, which obviously raises the cost of transportation.

Blockchain will reduce the amount of activity that has to be done so far. It is enough to upload a copy of the signed document to the network, and then every person involved in the process of its transportation will have access to it. In case of problems, you will not have to dig up a lot of papers, but you will know at what stage the irregularities have occurred.…

Americans are testing an autonomous helicopter

The American army apparently binds its future with unmanned machinery. For now they are drones, but in the near future will also be autonomous helicopters.

A few days ago there was a demonstration of the possibility of the specially modified JUH-60A Black Hawk helicopter, which is the forerunner of a new type of machine, requiring no pilots to fly, land and avoid danger.

This helicopter was equipped with the RASCAL (Aircraft Concepts Airborne Laboratory) RASCAL system, and its test was conducted over the Diablo Mountain Range, located near the California city of San Jose. During the presentation the pilots were present in the helicopter cockpit, but only as a security if the computers refused to obey. All the maneuvers, while the two hour flight at 60-130 meters, performed fully automatically and managed to achieve the target of 60 cm.

RASCAL enables the machine to navigate between obstacles, as well as the use of a terrain detection system, risk assessment, risk avoidance, and all this is done in real time.

The Army has not yet set a date for launching unmanned helicopters, but considering how advanced it will be, it will probably take place in the next few years.…

Jaguar XE the safest car in the class (according to Euro NCAP) among others. Thanks to active security systems

Active safety systems installed in the Jaguar XE have significantly contributed to its victory in the class: a large family car. Apart from the class names, this is undoubtedly the success of this brand considering how strong XE competition is. We have decided to take a closer look at what the active prevention of road events has to offer this car.

The Jaguar XE has undoubtedly hit the premium car market, competing with the Audi A4, the C-Class, the BMW 3-Series and the Lexus IS. The company decided to build a completely new ultralight platform, which uses high-strength steel as well as aluminum. Only after the first kilometers of the XE can be found how compact and rigid is the construction. This affects not only the ride characteristics that are just great, but also the safety. And the latter is backed up by active systems that take care to minimize the effects, and best to eliminate the risk of a possible collision. These are adaptive headlamps, blind spot monitoring, lane assistant, road marking, and transverse motion warning when driving back from the parking lot.

The blind spot monitoring system works similarly to other such solutions. He warns with a clear icon in the proper mirror of another vehicle next to our Jaguar XE. If we had decided to change the lane to include a turn signal, then this system would issue another warning flashing the icon. The effect is shown in the film below.

Another important element is undoubtedly the lane assistant, who warns against the vibration of the steering wheel unintentionally changing direction (crossing the line separating the straps). But that’s not the end, because a very useful solution is the transverse movement warning system, which definitely helps when leaving the parking lot behind. The way it works and its effectiveness is really commendable!

The Jaguar XE is usually a rear-wheel drive vehicle. We usually write because there are 4-wheel drive versions available. It is important, however, that with the JaguarDrive Control, the driver can choose from a sporty, normal, economical, slippery ride. It changes the characteristics of the engine, as well as the stability of the driving circuit. Particularly helpful is the latter mode, which significantly improves the performance of starting on slippery surfaces, such as on an icy road or wet grass.

The optional Jaguar XE is also equipped with a HUD display, so you do not have to tear your eyes off the road for navigation or current speed. This is useful not only during dynamic driving, but primarily because of safety.


The Jaguar XE is undoubtedly a unique car. It looks insane, as evidenced by the jealous looks of most pedestrians, and above all other drivers. It turns out that XE has more to offer than just amazing design, great traction, …

Lenovo is preparing another yoga tablet model?

Lenovo intends to enlarge the family of yoga tablets another model. The device, which is going through the approval phase of the FCC, will likely be equipped with a 10-inch touch screen and will also run on the Android platform.

The Chinese company Lenovo manufactures two types of equipment under the Yoga brand. The first is a Windows-based notebook, which can also be used as a tablet by the rotating screen, while the other is a typical tablet with a cradle and a wireless keyboard.

If you believe the reports from the Federal Communications Commission, Lenovo is preparing another Lenovo product that will be a typical tablet. The list includes a cover for a wireless bluetooth keyboard for a device called Yoga 2 10. As Yoga notebooks have a built-in keyboard, so the cover they do not need, so many point out that the next tablet is on Android.…

Xstat saved his first life

Last year we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with a new device called Xstat, designed for rapid gunshot wound closure, which seals the inlet, stabilizing the patient and protecting it from bleeding. The invention has already proved its usefulness, saving the patient’s life.

One of the greatest threats to human life is gunshot wounds. The ball hole can lead to bleeding, so it must be clamped as quickly as possible so that the patient is stabilized and can safely hit the operating table.

Such wounds are particularly dangerous in combat conditions, which is why scientists have been working for years on an effective way to temporarily close them. Last year a very promising invention called Xstat was created, which is able to close the gunshot wound in just 20 seconds, giving the patient more time to reach the hospital. The idea is not particularly complicated, as it is a large syringe filled with small sponges. The device pushes into the wound and pushes the plunger, inserting sponges that soaked in blood, seal the inlet.

Many were skeptical of Xstat and doubted its effectiveness. However, this was confirmed by a surgical team from one of the US hospitals who used a device to cushion hemorrhage in one of the patients during surgery. During the 7-hour procedure, the patient began to bleed heavily, and the current method of stopping hemorrhage was ineffective, so it was decided to use Xstat, which he did almost immediately, helping to stabilize the patient.…

Retina will go to a new series of macbooks?

If rumors are true, Apple may sharply hammer the market for laptops. Western sources say the giant wants to launch a new MacBook Pro with Retina displays next year.

Retina screens that have made their debut on iPhone 4 will not be limited to Apple smartphones and tablets. If you believe the gossip, the corporation also plans to use it in the new MacBook Pro line.

At present, the highest resolution, 1920 x 1080 pixels, offers 17-inch MacBook Pro. Installing a Retina screen on a MacBook would provide a significant quality boost.

Still, they are just gossips, but they do not appear for the first time, which may prove to be something. It’s no secret that installing a Retina display on a MacBook would provide Apple with a significant advantage over the competition and consumers instead of Asus or Sony devices, and they would be looking for new MacBooks.

In addition, if Apple does not choose this step, it may be overtaken by Samsung, who is allegedly planning to put its own screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and 11.6-inch screen into the new Galaxy Tab. Such a tablet could successfully replace a laptop.

On the other hand, installing such a screen on a MacBook is risky. First, it would affect the price of the equipment, and secondly, it could significantly reduce the running time of the device, much faster battery exhaustion.…

OnePlus One also mini version?

The OnePlus One is a good-sized device with a 5.5-inch display. Such a big screen has its advantages, but also the disadvantages, because it is difficult to handle it with one hand. OnePlus plans a smaller version of the One, which will be equipped with a 5-inch display.

The Chinese branch of Gizmodo claims that the OnePlus One will soon be available in the Mini. The site already had a chance to take a closer look at the new model you see in the picture below.

The difference in screen size will not be too big, as the standard model has a 5.5-inch screen, while the Mini will receive a 5-inch screen. It should, however, increase the comfort of using the smartphone, but at the same time do not affect too much on its usefulness.

As far as technical specs, the Mini version will probably be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, 8 megapixel front and rear camera, and Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

However, the price will be the OnePlus One Mini, because rumors suggest that the phone costs only $ 241.95. As for such equipment, the offer seems very attractive.…

Increasing profits from streaming music

According to the latest RIAA report, streaming music is bringing more and more revenue to its producers. Last year only in the US, all paid music services, produced $ 3.9 billion.

There was a time when music labels were worried that streaming music and paid services for users’ mobile devices would affect record sales, limiting their profits. These concerns are probably past, as the latest RIAA-2016-shipment-revenue-statistics show that streaming brings revenue to the rest of the world.

In the United States alone, last year it was as much as $ 3.9 billion. That represents just over half of last year’s profit generated by the US music industry, which totaled $ 7.7 billion. Compared to last year, industry-wide profits rose 11.4 percent. And this is the biggest increase since 1998.…

Apple is focused on the iPhone 6 Plus

Since the release of the iPhone 6, it has taken some time and even though sales figures are topping the basic model of the new smartphone, it is increasingly evident that consumers are inclined toward the larger 6 Plus iPhone. The problem is that due to limited production it is hard to get it, so Apple decided to change it and focus on its production now.

Apple’s manufacturing capacity is not limited, so the company has had to make a difficult choice, so the iPhone 6 Plus will be available at the expense of a smaller model. As reported by the Korean DigiTimes website, Cupertino has already asked its suppliers to reduce the supply of the smaller model and focus on producing a larger version. Of course, this does not mean that the production of the iPhone 6 will be suspended, as surely there are so many copies of it that consumers will not notice.

Such a move is not new to Apple. It has already made similar moves when it reduced orders for the less popular iPhone 5c to increase iPhone 5s production.…